Our lab is nested within a broader CNPq Research Group based at Federal University of Paraíba, which encompasses several researchers and students working on theoretical and empirical aspects of ecological network research. Below you can find information on our lines of inquiry, researchers, and instituitons that are part of our group. Further details can be found at the the CNPq website


Topics Number of professors Number of students
Structural analysis of ecological networks 4 7
Theoretical foundations of conservation and restoration strategies 2 6
Ecology and Evolution of antagonisms 4 6
Ecology and Evolution of mutualisms 3 5
Adaptive network modelling 1 5
Individual-based models of species diversification 1 3
Funtional rewilding 1 2
Conceptual and Theoretical Synthesis in Community Ecology 2 9


Researcher Institution Country
Dr. Ana Carolina Figueiredo Lacerda (co-coordinator) Federal University of Paraíba Brazil
Dr. Ana Paula Aprígio Assis University of São Paulo Brazil
Dr. Antonio Jose Creao-Duarte Federal University of Paraíba Brazil
Dr. Cecilia Siliansky de Andreazzi Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Brazil
Dr. Darren M. Evans Newcastle University United Kingdom
Dr. Esther Sebastián Gonzalez Miguel Hernández University Spain
Dr. Flávia Maria Darcie Marquitti State University of Campinas Brazil
Dr. Frederico Gustavo Rodrigues França Federal University of Paraíba Brazil
Dr. Maria Teresa Rebelo University of Lisbon Portugal
Dr. Paula Lemos da Costa University of Chicago United States
Dr. Rafael Luís Galdini Raimundo (coordinator) Federal University of Paraíba Brazil
Dr. Ricardo Souza Rosa Federal University of Paraíba Brazil
Last update: March 2nd, 2020.