The list below includes only projects starting after our lab was created at the Federal University of ParaĆ­ba in 2017.  It includes grants in which the lab coordinator is/was the Principal Investigar or projects in which the lab plays a key role as a strategic partner.

2018-2018. Effects of mating patterns on adaptive diversification in mutualistic systems. 
PI: Rafael L. G. Raimundo
Funded by: CNPq/UFPB - PIBIC-UFPB-CNPQ 2018-2019

2019-ongoing. Subsidies for the application of ecological networks as modelling tools in forensic entomology.
PI: Rafael L. G. Raimundo
Funded by: CNPq/UFPB - PIP11314-2019

2019-ongoing. Integrating eco-evolutionary and socio-economic network data and models to understand and predict outbreaks of neglected tropical diseases
PI: Paulo S. D'Andrea (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation -- FIOCRUZ - Rio de Janeiro)
Funded by: CNPq/Sinbiose - Center for Synthesis in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services